Bremod Black Hair Oil in Pakistan

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Bremod Black Hair Oil adds more stability and strengthens the hair structure with lasting effect. Long-lasting volume effect with more fullness and energy

Bremod Black Hair Oil 2Pcs 500 ML

Adopting mild non-irritative formula, it contains very little ammonia thus the damage to hair is greatly reduced. As a special formula for oriental, containing synthetic pigment and hair keratin protein, it can soften and expand external surface layer, make pigment penetrate rapidly. After using, the color of your hair will be stable, long-lasting and bright, and your hair will be soft, smooth and shiny.

Bremod Top Smooth Black Hair Oil In Pakistan

Containing deep-sea seaweed hair nursing factor and permanent vanilla formula, the product can make the color long-lasting, and cover all white hair. In addition, it is especially mild to hair, after dyeing your hair will become black, healthy, natural shiny and dandruff free.


Bremod Black Hair Oil contains an extract of white meadow foam (Limmantes Alba), blant of the rose family, whose oil has recognized properties in the self-protection of the shaft of the hair during coloring and in highlighting the final coloring result. This substance guarantee better long-term holding of the beauty and the luminosity of the color. Even in the cause of very sensitive hair.

It guarantees excellent holding of reflections, even at the tips, thanks to an exclusive formulation without direct coloring. It provides guarantee covering any quantity of white hair, not only with the natural and ash series, but also with the other reflected shades.

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2024-02-06 19:09:18
It really work. I would recommend it.

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