calp Scrub SEVICH Peptide Hair Growth Scrub

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  • Origin?ChinaCore Ingredients: Peptides: The new type can improve the keratin base of the human body, is one of the important nutrients for hair growth, and can stimulate the synthesis of collagen IV and laminin 5, consolidate hair roots and effectively prevent hair lossGinger: Promotes blood circulation in the scalp, strengthens hair roots, and strengthens hairSea salt: Dead Sea salt particles are selected to gently exfoliate agingIngredients: SODIUM CHLORIDE, WATER, SODIUM LAURETH SULFATE, DECYL GLUCOSIDE, COCAMIDOPROPYL BETAINE, ZINGIBER OFFICINALE ROOT EXTRACT, PYRROLIDINYLDIAMINOPYRIMIDINE OXIDE, SOPHORA FLAVESCENS ROOT EXTRACT, HYDROXYPROPYL CYCLODEXTRIN, OXOTHIAZOLIDINECARBOXYLIC ACID, β-GLUCAN, 1,2-HEXANEDIOL, How to use?1. Wet your hair, take an appropriate amount of scrub, and apply it to the entire hair;2. Gently massage the scalp so that the scrub is in close contact with the scalp;3. Rinse well with clean water4. It is recommended to use it 2-3 times a week

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