Diblong Ginseng Coffee

Category: Sexual Wellness
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Size - 10g x 12pcs
Imported From - Turkey

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Diblong Ginseng Coffee in Pakistan Prepare your Diblong Coffee to cool you off with plenty of ice or to warm you up with hot water… The result is the same; A tasteful pleasure that will make you smile with its soft drink.


Diblong coffee is offered for those who wish to enjoy a hot coffee before sexual intercourse. Each sip of Diblong ginseng coffee, weighing 10 grams, has a distinct flavor and aroma. It can be brewed using the same method as Turkish coffee. Consuming one cup is sufficient. It is recommended to be consumed 45 minutes before sexual intercourse. With the highest quality ginseng and advanced extraction technology, this coffee allows you to both boost your sexual energy and store mental energy, enabling you to concentrate more intensely on any task you undertake. This coffee will never leave you halfway and leaves a pleasant taste on your palate.

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2024-02-05 19:03:17
wow amazing result

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