Miracle White Whitening Injection

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Miracle White Whitening Injection

Miracle White is a combination of innovations in skin science after years of research. Miracle White not only lightens your skin tone but makes it smooth and free of blemishes and dark spots, brightens a dull complexion, and also has an anti-aging factor.

Recommended Dosage:

IV only. One or twice a week.


Kojic Acid 4800mg, Ascorbic Acid 4500mg, Epidermal Growth Factor 3000mg, Multivitamin 1200mg, Cyanocobalamin 500mg, Tomato Stem Cell Extract 250mg, Thioctic Acid 1000mg, Melanin Inhibitor 800mg, White Cell Enhancer 500mg, Coenzyme Q10 1000mg, Nano Concentrated Glutathione 35000mg.


Do not expose to sunlight or heat. Keep out of reach children. Keep in a cool dry place.


For professional use only. Do not use this therapy during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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Very nice product. teleshop

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